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"The Craft of the Widow's Sons of Ra"

"Return of the Widows Son"

and his latest,

"The Council of Nicea"!


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Part 1: "Craft of the Widow's Son of Ra". 

48 min. Includes Lecture, Pictures, Interview and Suggested Reading List.

Part 2: "The Return of the Widow's Son".

75 min. Includes Lecture and Slides on African Origins of Masonry.

Part 3: "The Council of Nicaea."

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Who Are the Masons?

Where Did They Come From?

 The Answers Are INSIDE!


The "Origins of Masons" series explores the African origins of Freemasonry and presents evidence regarding the Grand Lodges in Ghiza, Luxor, and Sakara, thousands of years BEFORE SOLOMON.  The CRAFT had an impact on the development of Astrology, Astronomy, Mathematics, Medicine, Music, Majic, Martial Arts and Medicine.

A Preview of What's Inside THE ORIGINS OF MASONS Lectures: 

Compass and T-Square:

Symbol of Masonic Order.

Pyramids such as those in Cahokia, Il. are evidence of African presence in early America, and Asia.

Egyptian/Masonic Imagery on the Dollar Bill: New World Order (in Latin).


Watch and learn how the name changed but the knowledge remained the same:


The Lodge of Amen Ra (Original African Lodge) founded in ancient Egypt.


Africans came to southern Mexico BEFORE SOLOMON, BEFORE JESUS, BEFORE COLUMBUS, to build the lodges established at the pyramids of Mexico.


European Masons establish lodges in Britain and Scotland.


� Grandmasters Judah Benjamin and Albert Pike shape American History.


� Prince Hall establishes the African Lodge in Boston.



History Detective, Samuel El-Amin, shares a wealth of knowledge and evidence, uncovered over four decades of travel and research:



Reveals rituals, symbols, and origins of the Masonic Order. 


Shares evidence from China, Japan, Southern Mexico, Egypt and elsewhere to weave an intricate and detailed story of the origins and influence of Masons. 


Builds upon the work of his predecessors such as Josef ben-Jochannan, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, and Dr. John Henrik Clarke.


Traces the Origins of Masons and makes their knowledge applicable to modern times.

Skull and Bones on Masonic Apron